Its been a long long time……

…since I last laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe which I guess would’ve been today’s positive if not for Lolapops tripping me down the stairs again!

I’m off to a boat party soon with TJO and crowd (Boomtic Records) and after my year of HS and depression I have to admit I’ve put on weight and am really not happy about it.  Anyway I thought I treat myself to a waist trainer/cincher from amazon, I’ve always worn shapewear stuff anyway as it normally just defines my curves but since Eric has come on the scene I now use them to hold him and his bag in place so being a bit restricted isn’t a big deal for me!  So after reading the reviews of quite a few I decided on this one.(Waist TrainerIt was repeated by quite a few buyers that the sizing came up big but knowing my body shape and thinking of Eric (My stoma!) I decided to stick with my normal size.

So I managed to get first and second notch on with a bit of slight pulling, the 3rd was difficult but the 4th wasn’t happening. Even without the arthritis in my hands I would have had issues. I thought putting my Spanx  knickers on (Spanx) hoping to smooth the line but it still wasn’t happening! Time to resort to lying on the floor where I manage to get the 4th done up and working on the 5th when Lola-pops dog decides to ‘help’ me! This is where the laughter starts……but she now wants to know what the sound is coming from my mouth and comes to investigate and the giggling uncontrollably starts. Eventually through the giggles, the attempts to deflect a dog’s tongue going into my mouth and a lot of tugging and twisting I managed to get the corset done up!
It was worth it!


.Before the corset


after the corset

The blurb on these waist trainers is that if worn for an hour or 2 a day the waist will be slimmer and more toned so I kept it on to walk the dog! I can see how it would work but for me I think it’s going to be like new shoes, just knowing I’m wanting to wear it for more than a few hours I think I need to bed it in, so whether it works or not the corset will be worn as much as I can and soon I might learn to bend, move and even breathe in it!!

Luv’n’ugz and Fairy wishes


About TheFreakyFairy

I live in Essex with my hubby Baz and Furbaby Lola (Staffy bull terrier!) I have Crohns disease, a stoma called Eric, Hydradinitus suppurativa (HS) along with numerous other health issues, ask me and I'll tell you! I have no worries about re-educating people! I love my friends but I'm an awful communicator. I'm clumsy and loud but helpful and loyal. There's nothing I won't attempt to do, as long as spiders aren't involved, I try to be creative but most of the time I just create mess! If I don't know (even silly little things!) I'll ask or try to find out and I expect the same off of others! I want to let people into the life of me! This isn't a blog about any one thing....its a bit like my mind! Not focused but can be fun!!!
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