10 Ways to be an Amazing Friend to Chronically Ill People

Chronic Illness Friendships:

Source: 10 Ways to be an Amazing Friend to Chronically Ill People

So very true, friends move on with their busy lives and I’m here, 40 years old and I’m lucky if I get a conversation out of my very tired hubby once a day! I don’t make phone calls, but I will answer if I know who’s calling, my closest friends have moved on and away in hopes of better lives so my life is through social media which is great that I’m meeting people from everywhere possible but I have no social network near to me. I could go to support groups but I am ill and the last thing I really want to do is socialise with people who are in the same boat! I feel we need those who are quite the opposite! Someone who doesn’t pity, sympathise or pander to our illnesses instead make us laugh at daft things, randomly surprise us with little projects, I was once asked if I could create a beach theme for a kids birthday but with a limited budget….I loved doing it and the child was awestruck, made me feel l had contribute just slightly to the real world! xxxx


About TheFreakyFairy

I live in Essex with my hubby Baz and Furbaby Lola (Staffy bull terrier!) I have Crohns disease, a stoma called Eric, Hydradinitus suppurativa (HS) along with numerous other health issues, ask me and I'll tell you! I have no worries about re-educating people! I love my friends but I'm an awful communicator. I'm clumsy and loud but helpful and loyal. There's nothing I won't attempt to do, as long as spiders aren't involved, I try to be creative but most of the time I just create mess! If I don't know (even silly little things!) I'll ask or try to find out and I expect the same off of others! I want to let people into the life of me! This isn't a blog about any one thing....its a bit like my mind! Not focused but can be fun!!!
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