Why is nothing easy?

Nearly 3 hours ago I started to write a follow-up to my weight loss, It’s now 2.50am and I’ve only just worked out, having encountered a few technical misunderstandings, how to add the excel sheet (That I’ve taken nearly 2 weeks to learn and create!) in some form or other to a Blog post! Only to then keep getting denied access by the stupid Security program that’s on my Laptop!
Spitting feathers at the moment (but its good to learn new skills eh?) and while the sensible side of me is telling me to go to bed the loud mouth stubborn side is yelling…..”But all you’ve written is a title and this is the 1st time in 2 weeks that you’ve actually got you’re shit together to sit down and start!!!!”
Bed it is though as the back is being nasty today so I don’t really want to cause a knock on effect just as I’ve started to appreciate the reduced pain levels!
In my defence, I’ve written this so it’s not all a waste of time! Lol!

Luv’n’ugs and confused cuddles x

Why have Ducks when The squirrels are raving?

Raving Squirrels, yep probably a good description of how my brain works!



About TheFreakyFairy

I live in Essex with my hubby Baz and Furbaby Lola (Staffy bull terrier!) I have Crohns disease, a stoma called Eric, Hydradinitus suppurativa (HS) along with numerous other health issues, ask me and I'll tell you! I have no worries about re-educating people! I love my friends but I'm an awful communicator. I'm clumsy and loud but helpful and loyal. There's nothing I won't attempt to do, as long as spiders aren't involved, I try to be creative but most of the time I just create mess! If I don't know (even silly little things!) I'll ask or try to find out and I expect the same off of others! I want to let people into the life of me! This isn't a blog about any one thing....its a bit like my mind! Not focused but can be fun!!!
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